Anonymous asked:

According of Gavina said in the briefing of the errand 7, the tobacco is ilegal (that includes varations like cigars)? or the accion of smoking is ilegal in andalusst?

both are illegal within the city, but the rules don’t extend to the outer lands. Tobacco can’t be grown anywhere near the city.

Obviously smoking is a minor offense though, compared to say thievery, so growing or distributing it on andalusst land is a bigger deal than possessing it.

Anonymous asked:

I was more referring to doing a completely separate piece. Since late work is eligible to earn merits/strikes and entries can be multiple pages, would it be alright to submit a late companion piece (no editing of initial submissions) if our initial submission was deemed eligible for the primary reward but not for the merit/strike? It seems like we should be able to based on the rules, but I'm not sure how that would work with how the atlas functions. It might make things too complicated. Sorry!

Ah I see now. Well it is a little complex, but submitting a second piece to the late folder to get a merit/strike for the task is fine. You might just have to contact an admin first and ask them to update your rewards accordingly.

I’d personally prefer people didn’t do this -too- often though, as it is a bit troublesome to keep track of.

Anonymous asked:

If we have an on time submission for tasks that covers the requirements and has been accepted on the atlas, but doesn't cover the merit/strike requirements, could we submit a late secondary portion to cover those requirements and earn a merit/strike? If so, how would we do this on the atlas?

It’s preferred that you stick to your initial submission unless you submitted an incomplete one ( like a placeholder), and even then, placeholders need to at least depict your chosen outcome upon first submitting.

So yeah, you could edit it afterwards if you wanted to, but if you might not get the merit/strike. It’d need to be reviewed by the atlas moderators.

Anonymous asked:

What about the 'hybrid' application? I'm definetly interested, can we get more info?

you’re able to set your app type as hybrid on the atlas. Right now this is just a convenience for artists who have both apps and want to be classified as such, but I think we could make actual hybrid apps in the future, possibly. No promises just yet.

A quick reminder that using PMDU as a platform to call out or otherwise harass a member you have personal issues with is definitely not OK.

Anyone caught submitting advertisements to PMDU that redirect to tumblr or other blogs for the sole purpose of chewing out another member will be looking at possible suspension. Please keep dirty laundry out of the group, especially if the aim is hate mongering.

On that note, if you’re being harassed or bothered persistently by a PMDU member, please come to the IRC and talk to an admin about it or send them a note on DA.

Anonymous asked:

having mixed media artist choose which media they want things to be logged as is really mean and horrible since mixed media works requiers both sides to be good, one would either have to work twice as hard to get both pieces good but get no credit for it or focus on one thing completely ignore the other and really just making it a huge waste off effort on something that is supposed to be fun

You don’t have to balance both perfectly when doing mixed media. An artist can use text or images to compliment their stronger point in order to practice the weaker of the two.

For example, a very detailed image with a short story to accompany it in the description panel to provide clarity, or a large and detailed story with a simple image to set the mood.

Being ‘good’ is never a requirement for any category in PMDU. As a member of PMDU, what’s important is self-progression and the desire to practice and improve your own goals. If that goal is to become strong in both art and writing categories, then members are quite welcome to fill out two applications, one for each category, or a hybrid app on the Atlas.

Anonymous asked:

May I ask why written and drawn works cannot be mixed? There are no rewards given out explictly to writers or artist nor any form off judging being done so I really can't understand why submissions done in a similar manner to the Mission Epilogue aren't accepted.

We’re actually sort of toying around with a ‘hybrid’ application on the atlas, but there’s no plans to make a unique app for this right now.

The primary reason why we separate written and drawn works, at least as far as I’m aware, is because they’re two different category of artistic discipline and separating them into groups makes it easier for people to know what they’re getting when they go to browse the archives. Say for example, a new writer wants to find others who specialize in writing for reference or collaboration, they’d check the written submissions folder.

It’s not the most elegant solution when it comes to mixed work, but in the case of those, we still like the artists to decide which embodies their submission better - art or writing.

Also, while we don’t have any competition for artists/writers yet (yet!) all submissions still need to be checked by mods at some point or other. It’s much easier for mods who have expertise with writing to stick to checking written stories and artist mods to check artworks. I know I personally have a much harder time browsing written work at an immediate level compared to images, since I’m a visual artist myself and writing isn’t my strong point.

Don’t worry though, we’re definitely am aware that the current system isn’t ideal for mixed artists. If anyone has suggestions for how they’d like to see things implemented differently, It’d be great to hear it so new options can be considered for future updates.

dingosilver57 asked:

On the topic of that one specific day where the children come from the fathers species instead of the mothers, would that apply to those conceived then, or those who hatch then? If it applies to those who are conceived then, it would technically allow for characters from their fathers species to have birthdays all throughout the year due to egg hatching times. But if it only applies to those who hatch at that time, then wouldn't the differing hatch times make it seem just a little improbable?

As of now, it applies to eggs concieved¬† during that time, which I agree is a bit more realistic. (the contents of an egg aren’t just going to immediately change within a day. That would be scary for Wailord and Skitty couples)

Anonymous asked:

routhly how often dos this blog update when it comes to answering asks? (I ask cos not everyone has tumbler & I'd like to know how often I should check this blog for updates)

It really depends on how much time I have or if I’m feeling up to checking the asks. I tend to do it spontaneously, sorry!

Anonymous asked:

Is the atlas getting profiles for the guild leaders and other NPCs? I remember there being a wikia with them but it seems to redirect to the atlas now.

The wiki is still being worked on, so these references are still out of reach for now, but when it’s done they’re all going there.

Adding them to the atlas or at least having the atlas link to the wiki is a good idea though!

Anonymous asked:

Just to be sure, but given that our teams now know that they are to be going through a dry, dusty desert on the other side of the dungeon, will Luke or Cassidy be coming along? I mean, the chance of a oasis is slim in deserts, and any city that might pop up near the desert's 'beacon' might be wary of travelers given they probably ration the water supplies so they can survive each year.

Luke and Cassidy are most certainly coming along to the next mission. Let’s just say that there’s no shortage of water where we’re heading…if you know who to make friends with.

Anonymous asked:

What's the rule on things like profanity, sex and violence. I don't really want to see two Pokémon getting graphic, but I'm wondering what is allowed and what isn't. For example, would a big kiss be allowed? How much gore is allowed? You get the idea.

That’s generally up to the members to decide. Obviously it has to stay within the boundaries of what’s acceptable on DA with a mature tag, but other than that, if you choose to make your personal story really graphic or litter it with innuendos, that’s entirely your prerogative (just be responsible and tag/mark things appropriately!)

Anonymous asked:

To Sundance and the team designer, What is your opinion of how members interpreted the characters of Jirai, Yaiba and the Riolu (although not revealing his name and his current state in the story) during the time that the task were produced?, Is similar to the design that you have or is it different?

Overall, people interpreted them fairly accurately. In Jirai’s case, his personality was originally pretty vague, but I noticed a lot of artists were depicting him as a really chill guy and a bit of a troll (giving up immediately when member characters really wanted to fight him, etc) so that’s how I chose to have him act in his finalized form. I think Jirai is a good example of a character who was defined by member perceptions, and I think that’s really cool.

Yaiba and Hikou had more defined personalities, with Yaiba being obviously antagonistic and Hikou being a sympathetic character, so yeah I am pretty happy with how most submissions did reflect that.