Anonymous asked:

Duuude, will there also be a PMD treasure generator on that thing? (Know like berry's, gummis, treasure boxes, etc) I've been looking for something like that for like..EVER.

dr-dos answered:

The dungeons will have items in them, but they are going to be more things to use within the dungeons themselves, or resources shared amongst the guild rather than finding a dozen star coins or a hat or whatever. A goal of the dungeons is that though they are random along with their contents, we want the quality and quantity of stuff to be pretty consistent so some teams don’t have “better” dungeons than others.

Anonymous asked:

I actually was wondering if some technology or machinery existed in Parai; like just the basic things like motors, maybe through the use of a Klink or its evolutions keeping maintenance on it or something

Machinery does exist. As you saw in M1, Pokemon are capable of creating some pretty advanced machines. The availability of materials limits practical application of technology, but they have everything they need to make electrical appliances or fuel-operated devices.

ask-the-mod-of-team-snowshadow asked:

If ghost pokemon(that were born) can they die or do just stay in wisp soul formed until the fond a new body

Ghost Pokemon are technically immortal. If they ‘die’ they’ll disappear for a while though, before reforming.

edit: to clarify, ‘a while’ may vary, but usually long enough for the ghost’s spirit to get lost and stray far from its original location.

Anonymous asked:

I just changed my username. Does that affect the Andalusst Atlas in any way, because when I logged on, all my teams disappeared.

This is easily fixed. Please contact a member of the admin atlas team and they’ll switch you over to your new name if this happens.

Anonymous asked:

Does stuffs like camera exist in Parai? If not, is there something similar to that (visual record keeping or whatev that is) in Parai?

quite possibly, but it most likely wouldn’t use the same sort of technology.

phi8 asked:

I was just wondering, but does it actually still matter to have things like your amount of merits and strikes and your star coins on the apps? Those things are visible on the Atlas anyway?

It might be nice to keep your apps updated since people still like to use them as a visual representation of a team, but with the atlas it’s no longer mandatory, no.

Anonymous asked:

When we evolve a team member, do we get to add to their stats? If so, by how much?

Stats remain consistent even for evolved members. They’re more of just a guideline for your Pokemon’s personal attributes.

Anonymous asked:

is it alright if my cyndaquil character has say, three dots on her head the same color as her underbelly? is that an example of an acceptable natural marking?

Those ‘fire pits’ need to be a stronger shade of red, since they’re distinct from Cindaquill’s other colours for a reason. But you could make them, say, orange instead of perfectly red.

naiianlee asked:

If plants/fungi such as Meatroot and Fleshcap exists, would it be okay to create our own type of flora and fauna for the PMDU universe, such as a plant that grows where a pokemon previously died?

Sure, there’s many unique and unusual plants. As long as the information doesn’t contrast with anything we’ve already established, you can feel free to mention your own ideas.

I quite like the sound of that one too.

Anonymous asked:

Can we Change the Nature of our registered Characters at will? Or Will there be an item to assist with changing a registered team member's Nature. For story purposes a Character has changed there ways within their time in Andalusst thus leading to Nature change. If one can not change the Nature at will then is it possible that their will be an item later on that will allow this change?

you can change your Pokemon’s nature if they go through character development, yes. You don’t need an evolution or remake to do this.

Anonymous asked:

So now I am apparently requierd to change my browser to participate in the group? Seeing as the Atlas don't work in the one I have and DrDos said on the front page that they didn't want to keep makeing them accessible from it.

If technical limitations prevent us from making the atlas accessible from certain browsers, then that could be a bit of a problem. I’ll try to look into seeing if we can do something about that. Thanks for bringing this issue up!

captainharrie asked:

Recruitments won't be for a while yet, but! I'm curious, will new recruits get a free template accessory or is that only for when the team is initially formed?

you’ll get a free template accessory for any new Pokemon who join your party. nobody has to join up naked.

Anonymous asked:

Have you ever thought about maybe creating a collaborative building in Andalusst? Pokemon could help in whatever way they could and people could submit suggestions as to how it could look.

Yes, this is something I actually want to introduce after dungeons!